About Me

1991                 born in Zürich, Switzerland                                              
1994-2009     grew up in Budapest/Basel/Ticino/Berlin
2007-2009     Preparatory Music Studies Budapest                              

2009-2013     Technische Universität Berlin  BSc. Architecture    
2014                Fiechter&Salzmann Architekten                                  
2015                Universität Zürich Art History, English, Music             
2016-2018      Technische Universität Berlin MSc. Architecture  
2018-2020     Ortner&Ortner Baukunst  PR & Architecture                            

Alma Lux Grossen is an architect and researcher currently living in Berlin.
Further Employers include: ETH Zürich, ZHAW Zürich, Junge Symphonie Berlin, Junges Ensemble Berlin, Ildikó Szabó Cellist, Deutsches Archäologisches Institut, TOA Festival Berlin.

Current projects include the social urban collective Weddingunited, the poetry magazine Das Föhtong
and an urban guidebook Naked Buildings - an honest architectural guide to Berlin

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