The Hierophany Project

    Part 1 Research 

Experimental Research, What is a non-dimensional space?
- Creating a digital tool for non-dimensionality

The act of simply lifting out any of the senses – whether it’s the sense of sight, touch, hearing, smell or taste. Isolation one of them alone always creates an emotional connection.”

David Lynch

How does dissociation work in the real environment? What are signifiers creating it?

Experimental models looking for non-dimensional spaces

Research Booklet about artistic Projects creating VOIDS - focusing on experimental artists of the 1970s

The Reference Booklet analyzes 11 projects from various creative thought schools, painting, architecture and art.  The focus are IMMERSIVE SPACES from the 70s, such as Larry  Bell & James Turrell. The Booklet helps analyzing WHY spaces look digital, hierophanic in the real world. The “table of perception” tries to bring some objective comparative tools to my spatial research.

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