The Creative Mind

    Artistic book 

“Ich nähe einen Text, der blau ist und kein Raum.”

How they retrace, searching for figures,
about to fix themselves into reality.”

The question concerning the poetic „Image of thought“(Rudolf Arnheim - Visual Thinking) arised out of personal interest in the creative process and the use of language while describing concepts. What do these images look and feel like? Are they material, necessary or helpful? What is their aesthetic quality and how can the creative process be improved by charting them visually? Where can I find them spatially?

This project aims to develop a medium acting as a lens for the digital space inside our heads, where the rooms of thought lie. The voyage across the topography of built constructs of the mind, draws research questions from linguistics (Jean Aitchison - The lexicon of the mind), Aesthetic discourse (James Grant - Art and Criticism) and the personal poetic spatial language. The connections in the mind can be retraced in six different constellations, „Rooms of thought“, each dedicated to a parameter of the mind.

They are spatial mind-scans performing not functionally but simultaneously a synaesthetic impression of a discourse in thought.

Plans of the thought rooms

 Linear Pathways with sources

Year: 2017 - Student Project at Technische Universität Berlin.

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